Where is ROKKE Performance Therapy Located?

We are conveniently located near HWY 217, HWY 99, and I-5 (the Tigard Triangle) in the Park 217 Business Park in building 5. Our physical address is: 12070 SW Garden Place in Tigard OR (97223).

What is Performance Therapy?

Performance Therapy bridges the gap between rehab and performance training. It goes beyond traditional rehab and physical therapy with each session incorporating a unique blend of manual therapy, corrective exercise and strength training tailored to the individual. Clients work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 60 minutes to perform a full evaluation and customize treatment according to their specific needs, with most clients seeing results within the first 2-3 sessions.  Cryotherapy (via CRYOPDX) and Normatec Compression can also be incorporated to enhance pain relief and recovery.

why choose rokke vs. a hospital, clinic, gym, or chiropractor?

At most physical therapy clinics, clients will be seen by a physical therapist for an initial evaluation. Subsequent visits may include seeing the Physical Therapist for 10-15 minutes, where the remaining session (which may not last an hour) will be with an aide, assistant, or trainer, who may have multiple patients at once. 

At ROKKE, you will only be seen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy for each visit (for a full hour, no aides/assistants/trainers) to provide you the highest level of individualized quality care which few clinics can offer.  ROKKE Physical Therapists have additional highly specialized credentials and training to address advanced, complex or niche issues.  From advanced manual therapy techniques, strength and conditioning, to exercise prescription with a deeper understanding of how the body moves, our practitioners have years of clinical, on-the-field experience from hospitals, private clinics, to sport teams. 

what should i expect on my first visit?

Consultations can range anywhere from 20-60 minutes while appointments are approximately an hour long.  Consultations allow clients to meet our therapists, ask any questions or concerns, and discuss possible treatment plans. For an initial appointment (which last an hour), clients will receive a comprehensive, thorough evaluation to have specific ailments or concerns assessed, with an individualized/custom treatment plan that may include soft tissue/manual therapy or exercise prescription.

We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete a quick intake form. We encourage clients to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely along with exercise-appropriate sneakers that comfortably support your feet.

How many visits will i need?

The number of visits will vary based on your individual need and condition.  The majority of ROKKE clients see a reduction of symptoms within the first three visits.  We have several options from single sessions to packages that reduce per-session cost for the best value.  

do i need a referral from my primary care physician to receive physical/performance therapy?